Vrushasen Mohite

Vrushasen Mohite

Vrushasen has been a celebrator of life through lenses. He started his career in 2008 as a junior photographer at Dioxide Photography. Putting to use his knowledge in applied arts & photography, Vrushasen has infused life into everything his viewfinder framed.

He believes the idealization of his subject transforming into a picture that plays with light & shade, has been an inspiration. The very thought has kept his creative juices bubbling.



Bajaj Steel industries, Nagpur

DDM industries Pvt. Ltd, Pune

ETCO COTMAC Group Industries

NECO Group, Nagpur

Vishvaraj Infrastructure, Nagpur

AMW Workshop, Nagpur

Nilawar Group, Nagpur

Solar Industries Ltd



Maccan Advertising Agency, Mumbai

Shells Advertising Agency,

Print tech Advertising Agency,

Ajay Gampawar Advertising Agency

Blue Flame Advertising Agency,

Metafer Advertising Agency,



R.N.S Resorts Murudeshwar        

Tulli International Group, Nagpur

Adi Hotel, Nagpur

Sports Café, Nagpur

Jungle Home Resorts, Pench

Ramdev Baba Collage of Engineering, Nagpur

Architect Ashok Moka

Architect Prashant Matpute

Architect Sachin Lambe

Architect M B Malewar

Architect Anand Sarde

Architect Naval Zawar

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